Vemvane indigenous veld goats
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We live in South Africa and have been breeding Indigenous Veld Goats since 2014. Otto Schmitt started the Vemvane herd in 2006, and left a legacy which Vemvane Indigenous Veld Goats continues to honour through good breeding practices and integrity. Vemvane is a Zulu word that means ‘butterfly’.

We keep Nguni goats, and specialize in Makatini Type goats, that originally come out of the Makhathini Flats of KwaZulu-Natal. We are passionate about our goats and strive to produce beautiful bucks and does of the highest possible quality. Some of the things we select for include: hardiness, an above average inter kidding period, correct body conformation, good pigment, capacity, meat, good mothering abilities, lots of milk, disease resistance, longevity, and natural resistance against internal parasites.

If you are interested in one of our goats or just want to ‘talk goat’ feel free to contact us for more information about these wonderful animals.

Happy goat keeping,

Lothar & Astrid

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